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The Ottomin Group is a Sydney based, private investment and philanthropic firm, established by Richard Kovacs in 1998.

The Ottomin Group primarily focusses on managing a global portfolio of investments across multiple asset classes, as well as providing resource sector, private equity and debt financing. The Group aims to generate superior, risk-adjusted investment returns, which underwrites donations into the community via our philanthropic channel, the Ottomin Foundation. Through the Foundation, the Group aims to provide support to adolescents and youth, women at-risk, and heritage and environmental conservation endeavours.

Ricahrd Kovas

Richard Kovacs

Richard Kovacs is an investment professional with over thirty years’ experience in financial markets.

Founder & Principal

Richard is the Founder and Principal of the Ottomin Group. Through his role as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Richard oversees all activities of the Group. He is also an active philanthropist, and is the Chairman of the Ottomin Foundation.

Seasoned Investment Banker

Prior to establishing the Group in the late 1990’s, Richard held senior roles with various leading European investment banks in Australia and internationally. Richard has extensive knowledge of the natural resources sector, specifically in the management of precious metal royalties.

Richard is supported by a team of highly experienced professionals, who have deep sector knowledge across multiple asset classes.

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The Ottomin Group actively manages a global multi-asset class portfolio of investments, comprising fixed income, foreign exchange, property, infrastructure, private debt, private equity, global equities, venture capital and natural resources. This is achieved through specialist managers and direct investments.



The Foundation aims to build long-term relationships with each of its charitable partners and develop active engagement with those whom we support. The Foundation is committed to a number of areas, covering youth, women at-risk and conservation endeavours.

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