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Published on: Investments

Beyond MatchFit – the 2021 Ottomin Offsite

The annual Ottomin Group offsite, held this year in November at the picturesque Spicer Sangoma Retreat at the foothills of the Blue Mountains, was an opportunity for the group to undertake deep work in portfolio management and philanthropic objectives for 2022 and beyond. The group came together for three days to reflect, connect, bond and plan, with consideration also given to the impact and legacy of the pandemic for the broader investment markets, the Group’s business and our charitable partners.

Complementing the deep work was a number of outstanding sessions delivered by Andrew May and Dr Tom Buckley, authors of MatchFit. Prior to the retreat, the Ottomin team completed the MF8 eight-week program aimed at developing the physical and mental performance of the team both in a personal and professional capacity. The off-site sessions took this to higher level and centred on performance intelligence. These sessions provided new and deep insight into developing mental fitness and personal longevity to ensure peak performance in times of high stress.

The group’s sense of adventure was also cultivated as they took to the local walking trails to soak up the natural beauty of the Blue Mountains region.