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In Australia, suicide is the leading cause of death in young Aussies, behind road accidents and cancer. The Black Dog Institute is at the forefront of the mental health space and is one of only two medical research institutes in Australia focussing on mental health and suicide prevention. Black Dog connects its outstanding research to deliver practical programs and services by using technology and innovation to empower those most in need to look after their mental health.

From 2015 to 2024, the Ottomin Foundation proudly assisted the Black Dog Institute by providing $250,000 to the RAFT program (Reconnecting AFTer a Suicide Attempt). RAFT is a mobile phone app that supports the continuity of care through the high-risk period following hospitalisation for a suicide attempt. RAFT aims to reduce the risk of repeat suicide, particularly amongst young people who are digital natives.

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“Without the ongoing support of the Ottomin Foundation, this innovating work would simply not be possible and for this we are tremendously grateful.”

Karen Elliff
Karen Elliff
Director Black Dog Institute