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The Type1 Foundation

The Type1 Foundation aims to raise awareness of Type 1 diabetes through education in schools, medical practices and the wider community. The Type1 Foundation provides support and connects families living with this chronic disease through large-scale events and various programs.

The Type1 Foundation was established in 2015 by the founding CEO after the sudden diagnosis of her daughter at the age 9. Today, the Foundation is driven by the motivation to support the emotional journey of Type 1 families by building a strong and connected Type 1 network and supporting the ‘human element’ of the diagnosis in what is a life-long disease.

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“Emotional support of families with Type1 is the glue that will stick them together forever. This disease has no current cure, but we can most definitely put our focus on what is achievable and our passion to support our Type 1 families through their journey is our number one goal!”

Ange Liston-McCaughley
Ange Liston-McCaughley
Type1 Foundation CEO