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Published on: Philanthropy

Creating a world without type 1 diabetes: Ottomin Foundation partners with JDRF Australia

The Ottomin Foundation is pleased to announce its commitment of $250,000 over five years to JDRF Australia, the leading funder of Type 1 diabetes research globally.

The Ottomin Foundation will specifically contribute to the funding of the Type 1 screen program. The Type 1 screen is available for children and young adults with a family history of Type 1 diabetes. The program involves the testing for islet autoantibodies that are known to be highly sensitive and specific markers of Type 1 diabetes. Screening provides the opportunity for timely therapeutic interventions that can potentially delay or prevent disease onset.

JDRF’s research is a pivotal first step in achieving its vision for type 1 diabetes screening to be implemented as a national screening program for all Australian children, with the hope that ultimately preventative therapies can essentially stop Type 1 diabetes before onset.

The Ottomin Foundation is proud to be supporting JDRF Australia’s vital research and joins with them in support of their vision of unlocking a world without Type 1 diabetes.

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