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Published on: Philanthropy

Pararoos and ParaMatildas reach the Finals of the IFCPF Asia Oceania Championships

The campaigns of the CommBank Pararoos and ParaMatildas in the International Federation of Cerebral Palsy Football (IFCPF) Asia Oceania Championships reached fever point at the weekend of 10-11 November as the tournament finals were held at the “Home of the Matildas” at La Trobe University in Melbourne.

In what has been coined, ‘more than a game’ the IFCPF Championships have highlighted and celebrated Cerebral Palsy Football in the region and speaks to the inclusive nature of football and the distinctive impact and spirit of the players.

The CommBank ParaMatildas cemented their place on the top of IFCPF women’s ranking defeating Japan in the final with a hard-fought head-to-head, 2-0. It was disciplined work to keep Japan scoreless, but Australia’s defence stood tall and the women delivered.

The CommBank Pararoos threw themselves at their opponents, Iran, putting everything on the line to hold the fully professional outfit at bay, but in the end, Iran was too strong. The CommBank Pararoos went down 2-0 in the final and became the world number 3 in the IFCPF Asia Oceania Championships.

The games concluded a week of outstanding football talent and recognition of para-footballers. The Ottomin Foundation, as a long-time supporter, extends their congratulations to the teams. Richard Kovacs, Ottomin Foundation Chairman, was on hand to personally support and congratulate the teams.